Attention Vintage Grove Homeowners



Ever wondered what your Homeowner’s Association Board is up to? Want to stay informed about the latest news, social events and work opportunities happening here in your neighborhood? We have teamed up with Yahoo! to provide a group email address for residents of Vintage Grove subdivision. Not only will this group email address help you keep up with what is happening right here in your neighborhood, but it may help reduce future mailing costs which come from your HOA dues.

        To get started, all you have to do is subscribe to the group. Simply send an email to the following address:

        All subscriptions will go through an approval process with the VGHOA Board to ensure that only Vintage Grove residents belong to the group.

        Soon you’ll begin receiving announcements in your email inbox.

        If you have a special announcement appropriate to share with your neighbors, after subscribing, email your announcement to (When you send an email to this address, Yahoo! delivers it to everyone subscribed to the group.)

        Please limit announcements to subjects relevant to the neighborhood and refrain from sending commercial advertisements.

        If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Tim Williams at or 387-9932.



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